The activity of CMW is specially focused on the construction of concrete casissons for docks and dams.
The 1st ordinary Core Management Commitee meeting, in conjunction with extraordinary STB of the ReSHEALience project, took place in Valencia (Spain) on March 7th. The meeting was hosted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia specifically by the ICITECH.
Cover D9.3 - Project Brochure
This Deliverable shows the initial design of brochure to communicate and disseminate the ReSHEALience project. It includes the most relevant public information about the project, as:
We are pleased to introduce the ReSHEALience project, focused on the development of Ultra-High Durability Concrete and the quantification of its durability for structural applications in Extremely Aggressive Exposures (EAE).
Date: January 2018 Title: ReSHEALience, el nuevo proyecto H2020 que busca mejorar la durabilidad del hormigón bajo ambientes extremadamente agresivos. Media: Website of Instituto de Ciencias de la construcción “Eduardo Torroja”. CSIC Read More