The University of Malta under the guidance of Prof. Ruben Paul Borg took it upon itself to safeguard this unique industrial structure by carrying out an intensive restoration project.

Interview at SMART City Radio 24

Novembr 9th, our coordinator, prof. Liberato Ferrara, from Politecnico DICA, has released an interview at SMART CIty Radio 24, a major radio broadcast in Italy, on the vision and goals of our ReSHEALience project.
The European research meets the world: we are excited to invite you to our ReSHEALience workshop on the contribution of the construction industry to the 2050 decarbonization goal.
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You can read it in the following link:
Workshop: Resilient infrastructures to boost the Blue Economy

Online two-day event

Two-day events aim to disseminate the results of the project and try to get them to the researchers and the market. In the frame of the Reshealience Project we are pleased to invite you to our online two-day event.
pilot 4 from ROVER in UPV
Rover Maritime has finished the prototype developed in the frame of ReSHEALience project that has been manufactured at Universitat Politécnica de València
The COVID-19 crisis has prompted the ReSHEALience consortium to meet online, holding a virtual meeting on the 23th of June 2020.