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More than thirty-five years ago, Cyes was born as a construction company specialized in maritime and port works.
Since then, its active strategy of expansion and diversification has become a reference in the integral management of infrastructures, with presence all over Spain and with vocation of conquering international markets. Throughout these years, Cyes has developed countless projects, such as: dredging, vertical seawalls, docks in slope, gravity docks, dock on piles, precast concrete docks, underwater emissaries, sports marinas, etc.
Since July 2015, the maritime works division of CYES Infraestructuras has joined Rover Alcisa Group with the name Cyes Maritime Works (CMW), bringing its specialization in the maritime sector and taking advantage of the technical and financial strength of a rapidly expanding group.
The activity of Cyes Maritime Works puts together a wide experience with numerous and outstanding achievements, both nationally and internationally. In this sense, CMW has been present in great part of the main executions of port works around Spain. Quality, safety and respect to environment are signs of identity. Some of the CMW works have been recognized by specialized agencies and entities with different awards.
There are several factors that have contributed to the achievement of this renowned business strength: the highest level of technical training, the quality of its personnel, an adequate investment policy in support facilities, specialized machinery and technology.
The objective of CMW for the strategic period 2015-2020 is the sustained growth of turnover. The corporate strategy to achieve this objective is based on the increase the degree of internationalization, on maintaining domestic market, on increasing niches of specialization, diversification of activities and on the commitment to innovation and technology.

With the aim of trying always to add value in the development of its activity CMW has an Innovation and Technology Directorate, which will lead the activities of CMW in the framework of project ReSHEALience. The Directorate has achieved a high degree of development and is involved in all areas of the company, from the Implementation of new construction technologies and functional materials, to the improvement of management systems and prevention of occupational risks. This also in view of a view which regards innovation as a clear commitment of the company at a strategic level, but also at the operational level, as a tool for improvement, both in its own management and in the quality of its works.
As a sign of the technological achievements to date by the Innovation and Technology Directorate, the first CMW patent for anti-reflective crates, which reduces the reflection of waves in vertical port structures, is worth mentioning.
It improves operation conditions of docks and dike.


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Lisardo Fort

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Co- Coordinator of the project

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Rethinking structures in aggressive environment

Offshore wind pilot WP8

Leader of WP3: Rethinking structures in aggressive environment

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Involvement in WP8: Validation and proof of concepts in real-site durability conditionsRealization of a reduced-size floater for offshore wind turbines by linked third parties: ENEROCEAN

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