Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

Institute of Concrete Science and Technology (ICITECH)

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a public university in Spain, located in Valencia with main focus on technical studies. UPV was founded in 1971. It is an institution dedicated to researching and teaching. Currently, UPV community includes 17 university research centres of excellence, 42.000 people: nearly 37.800 students, 2.600 are members of the teaching and research staff and 1.700 are administrative and services personnel. In the most important World University Rankings, the UPV is in the top 5 Spanish Universities with the highest revenue from both public research and knowledge transfer activities, and is a national leader in patent license income and start up creation.
UPV has relevant experience participating in international research programs, with over 100 FP7 projects and more than 60 H2020 projects in 2014-2016. UPV researchers are also actively involved all stages of the H2020 life program, from work program drafting discussions, to project coordination. UPV is also a partner in several major partnering initiatives (JTIs, PPPs, KICs…).

The Institute of Concrete Science and Technology (ICITECH) is a research center of UPV, directly related with the Civil Engineering School and the Department of Construction Engineering and Civil Engineering Projects.
ICITECH is a national and international reference in the construction field, including concrete, monitoring of structures, new materials, sustainability, mixed structures steel-concrete, fire resistance, etc. Nowadays, ICITECH staff is composed by 59 members.
Between 2011-2014, ICITECH participated in 38 research projects funded by the European Commission, national and regional organizations, etc., with an economical dimension of 4,197,550.71 € in total (1,049,387.68 €/year), in 16 projects with private companies and other types of institutions, being funded with 1,054,593 euros for that period of time.
In terms of scientific publications, in that period ICITECH produced 169 JCR papers and 27 doctoral theses.



Universitat Politècnica de València
Camino de Vera, s/n
46022 Valencia

Pedro Serna

School of Civil Engineering


Leader of WP4

Concept and Development of UHDC

Leader of WP4: Concept and Development of UHDC

Involvement in WP3: Rethinking structures in aggressive environments

Involvement in WP4: Quantification of UHDC improved long term durability performance

Involvement in WP8: Validation and proof of concepts in real-site durability conditions

Involvement in WP9: Dissemination and exploitation of results