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Join the free webinar hosted by two research projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme - EnDurCrete and ReSHEALience!
We will talk about developing environmentally friendly and highly durable concrete, show you videos from demonstration in real conditions, testing, casting and more.
Workshop: Resilient infrastructures to boost the Blue Economy

Resilient infrastructures to boost the Blue Economy

This event, organized by the H2020 project ReSHEALience, highlights the experiences with resilient structures in Spain while provides an overview of the policy, challenges and innovations in the blue growth ecosystem. The speakers are called to expose the current problems and different proposals to facilitate an effective and sustainable transition to the Blue Economy.


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Next 29th October, the pre-conference workshops of the INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 Conference (INDTECH2018) will take place in Vienna.
ReSHEAlience meeting in Dresden
The 4th meeting of the Reshealience project toke place in Dresden days 1 and 2 of October.
We are happy to announce the first issue of the ReSHEALience newsletter. Its intention is to highlight the main achievements of the project during its first six months.
The Planning Commission within the Planning Authority has approved permits for restoration to commence on the unique concrete structure which used to serve as a water storage tank for washing purposes at the Marsa abattoir.
ReSHEALience meeting in Milano
Last 25 -26 of June, the 2nd Core Management Committee (CMC) and the first Scientific and Technical Board (STB) meeting was held in Milano, organized by the coordinator of ReSHEALience project, the Politecnico di Milano.
The 1st ordinary Core Management Commitee meeting, in conjunction with extraordinary STB of the ReSHEALience project, took place in Valencia (Spain) on March 7th. The meeting was hosted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia specifically by the ICITECH.
Cover D9.3 - Project Brochure
This Deliverable shows the initial design of brochure to communicate and disseminate the ReSHEALience project. It includes the most relevant public information about the project, as:
We are pleased to introduce the ReSHEALience project, focused on the development of Ultra-High Durability Concrete and the quantification of its durability for structural applications in Extremely Aggressive Exposures (EAE).
The European Commission Allocates 5.5 Million Euros to Develop Ultra-High Durability Concrete