ReSHEALience Climate Action Horizon Results

The ReSHEAlience project provides its contribution on the European initiative to fight climate change

The project submitted to the Horizon Results Platform the following results contributing to sustainable development:

  • A conceptual approach to the formulation and characterization of UHDC: the material is able to guarantee the stability of its mechanical performance upon prolonged exposure to aggressive conditions. thanks to the synergy of crystalline self-healing stimulators and functionalizing nano-alumina and nanocellulose additions.
  • A tailored innovative durability-based design approach which encompasses into a LCA/LCC/SLCA framework, serviceability/ultimate limit state limit state predictions focused on the time evolution of the structural performance, allowing to quantitatively determine the structure service life.
  • A novel structural design and construction concept for infrastructures in geothermal power plants, leading to reduce environmental impact from 11% to 71%, with reference to the 7 EPD indicators, while reducing from 3 to 5 times the consumption of raw materials.
  • A novel structural design and construction concept for off-shore wind tower platforms which could contribute to overcome the limitations of current steel solutions, guaranteeing the same structural performance, a longer service life in the off-shore environment and a reduced consumption of raw materials from 3 to 4 times.
ReSHEALience Climate Action Horizon Results

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