EGP is the Group company dedicated to the development and management of power generation from renewable sources. EGP operates more than 1000 plants in 24 countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, counting about 7000 people, an installed capacity of over 36 GW (2016), and an annual production of more than 33 TWh mainly generated from water, sun , wind, geothermal and biomass, able to avoid every year more than 22 million tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
In Italy EGP Company operates in the market of all renewable technologies, with a strong presence, however, in the hydroelectric and wind energy market and an absolute leadership in geothermal energy, being the third largest geothermal energy producer in the world, and the largest in Europe. Recent developments in Italy are aimed at exploring and developing the deep-seated geothermal resources, with drilling depths up to 4000 m. Total geothermal installed capacity in Italy is 875,5 MW in 35 units, with a energy production in 2014 of 5,916 GWh.
During 2016, EGP has confirmed its leading position in the renewable energy sector and has fulfilled the strategic goals set out the financial market, despite the drop in prices on the main European markets and tensions encountered on different emerging markets. The continuation of these adverse conditions also make the following three-challenger for EGP, whose strategy will be characterized by a growth in installed capacity mainly directed towards developing countries, characterized by abundant renewable resources and high economic growth. The investments will be directed towards growth in those markets that offer stability control system with initiatives to increase the geographic and technological diversification and to maximize the value created. EGP will continue to leverage on the flexibility in orienting its portfolio, quickly adapting to changes of scenery. EGP will pursue its efforts in research and development of innovative technologies, including through the construction of off-grid systems and storage utilization to improve
the flexibility and performance of its plants.
In research, development and innovation, however, the company focuses on innovative business on three opportunities: innovative solar, marine generation and integration of storage systems with renewable systems. These activities are carried out throughout the Group by EGP Innovation & Sustainability function, which works to promote the culture of innovation, undertaking competitive projects of research, development and innovation for the advancement and implementation of new energy efficiency technologies and the plant safety in collaboration with national and international research organizations. EGP will participate to the project through its departments of Innovation & Sustainability, Engineering&Construction, Operation & Maintenance, who will bring their specific expertise into the pilot site development and demonstration.


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Sandra Scalari

Innovation & Sustainability Area



Leader of WP8

Validation and proof of concepts in real-site durability conditions

Developed technologies in geothermal critical environments:
two pilots of WP8

Leader of WP8: Validation and proof of concepts in real-site durability conditions

Involvement in WP2: Project management

Involvement in WP3: Rethinking structures in aggressive environments XS/XA

Involvement in WP7: Business opportunities of the UHDCs developed