Scientific publications

Performance Assessment of Ultra-High Durability Concrete Produced From Recycled Ultra-High Durability Concrete

Ruben Paul Borg, Estefania Cuenca, Roberto Garofalo, Fabrizio Schillani, Milena Lozano Nasner, Liberato Ferrara

in: Frontiers in Built Environment, 7:648220.
Date: 28 May 2021
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Self-healing characterization of UHPFRCC with crystalline admixture: Experimental assessment via multi-test/multi-parameter approach

Francesco Lo Monte, Liberato Ferrara

in: Construction and Building Materials, Volume 283, 2021, 122579.
Date: Available online 3 March 2021
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Mechanical properties and self-healing capacity of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete with alumina nanofibers

Cuenca, E., D’Ambrosio, L., Tretjakov, A., Lizunov, D., Volobujeva, O. and Ferrara, L.

in: Cement and Concrete Composites, Volume 118
Date: 25 January 2021
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Crystalline Admixture as Healing Promoter in Concrete Exposed to Chloride-Rich Environments: Experimental Study

E. Cuenca; S. Rigamonti; E. Gastaldo Brac; L. Ferrara

in: ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering: Vol. 33 (Issue 3).
Date: 24 December 2020
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Tensile behaviour identification in Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites: indirect tension tests and back analysis of flexural test results

F. Lo Monte; L. Ferrara

in: Material and Structures Volume 53, issue 6, 145 (2020). Springer.
Date: 26 November 2020
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Durability-Based Design of Structures Made with Ultra-High-Performance/Ultra-High-Durability Concrete in Extremely Aggressive Scenarios: Application to a Geothermal Water Basin Case Study

S. Al-Obaidi; P. Bamonte; M. Luchini; I. Mazzantini; L. Ferrara

in: Infrastructures: 5 (2020) (11).
Date: 17 November 2020

Synergy between crystalline admixtures and nano-constituents in enhancing autogenous healing capacity of cementitious composites under cracking and healing cycles in aggressive water

E. Cuenca; A. Mezzena; L. Ferrara

in: Construction and Building Materials, Volume 266, Part B, 2021, 121447, ISSN 0950-0618.
Available online: 9 November 2020
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Durability performance of uncracked and cracked nanoadditioned UHPFRCs in a dynamic leaching system

M. Criado; M. Gimenez; E. Menéndez; M.C. Alonso

in: 74th RILEM Annual Week and 40th Cement and Concrete Science Conference, Hosted by the University of Sheffield | Online.
Date: 31st August-4th September 2020

Scientific Poster "Shellfish farming in open sea with advanced concrete rafts". Presented in Aquaculture Europe 19 Berlin, Germany

Esteban Camacho, Juan Ángel López, Hugo Coll, Fernando Galán. Research & Development Concretes S.L.

Date: October. 2019

Concept of Ultra High Durability Concrete for improved durability in chemical environments: Preliminary results

Estefanía Cuenca , María Criado, Mercedes Giménez , Enrico Gastaldo Brac, Stamatina Sideri, Alexey Tretjakov, Maria Cruz Alonso, Liberato Ferrara

in: M. A. Araújo, N. De Belie, K. Van Tittelboom (Eds.): Durable concrete for infrastructure under severe conditions – Smart admixtures, self-responsiveness and nano-additives, proceedings, 10-11 Sept. 2019, Ghent, p. 147-151, ISBN: 978-9-463-88638-3
Date: September. 2019

Effect of crack pattern on the self-healing capability in traditional, HPC and UHPFRC concretes measured by water and chloridepermeability

A. Negrini, M. Roig-Flores, E. J. Mezquida-Alcaraz, L. Ferrara, P. Serna

in: Concrete Solutions 2019 - 7th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Date: August. 2019

Textile-reinforced concrete to realise ultra high durability concrete (UHDC) in the framework of the EU H2020 project "ReSHEALience"

C. Schröfl; A. Peled; O. Regev; R. P. Borg; M. Reichardt; R. Sripada; V. Mechtcherine; P. Deegan; L. Ferrara

in: M. A. Araújo, N. De Belie, K. Van Tittelboom (Eds.): Durable concrete for infrastructure under severe conditions – Smart admixtures, self-responsiveness and nano-additives, proceedings, 10-11 Sept. 2019, Ghent, p. 24-27, ISBN: 978-9-463-88638-3
Date: September. 2019

Modelling of autogenous healing for regular concrete via a discrete model

A. Cibelli, G. Di Luzio, L. Ferrara, G. Cusatis, & M. Pathirage

Date:June. 2019

Upgrading the concept of UHPFRC for high durability in the cracked state: the concept of Ultra High Durability Concrete (UHDC) in the approach of the H2020 project ReSHEALience

Pedro Serna, Francesco Lo Monte, Eduardo J. Mezquida-Alcaraz, Estefania Cuenca, Viktor Mechtcherine, Michaela Reichardt, Alva Peled, Oren Regev, Ruben P. Borg, Alexej Tretjakov, Dennis Lizunov, Konstantin Sobolev, Stamatina Sideri, Kim Nelson, Enrico Maria Gastaldo Brac, Liberato Ferrara.

Date: April. 2019

An Overview on H2020 Project “ReSHEALience” Proceedings of the IABSE Symposium "Towards a Resilient Built Environment - Risk and Asset Management"

Ferrara, Liberato; Bamonte, Patrick; Suesta, Cristina; Animato, Francesco; Pascale, Carmine; Tretjakov, Aleksej; Camacho, Esteban; Deegan, Peter; Sideri, Stamatina; Gastaldo, Enrico Maria; Serna, Pedro; Mechtcherine, Viktor; Cruz Alonso, María; Peled, Alva; Paul Borg, Ruben

Guimaraes, Portugal 27/03/2019-29/03/2019 pp- 174-181 ISBN 978-3-85748-163-5

Date: March. 2019

Scientific Poster presented at 2nd SARCOS COST Action “Advanced materials and technologies based on inorganic binders” Skopje, 2-5 Sept. 2018 & Ohrid, 6-7 Sept. 2018 - FYR of Macedonia

Francesco LO MONTE, Estefania CUENCA ASENSIO, Liberato FERRARA. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Milan, ITALY)

Date: 2-5 Sept. 2018

Predicting the long term performance of structures made with advanced cement based materials in extremely aggresive environments: current state of practice and research needs. The approach of the H2020 Project ReSHEALience

Giovanni di Luzio, Liberato Ferrara, Maria Cruz Alonso y Alonso, Philip Kunz, Viktor Mechtcherine and Christof Schroefl

Date: August 2018