Research & Development Concretes S.L.

RDC is an innovative company boosting the use of Ultra High Performance Concretes (UHPC) and other advanced concretes in different sectors. RDC has expertise optimizing material dosages and calculating UHPC structures.
The company was born two years ago to innovate in real applications with advanced composites, especially with Ultra High Performance (Fiber Reinforced) Concrete (UHPC/UFRHC). Its founding members have wide experience in the fields of civil engineering, as well as in the participation in International Symposia and scientific publishing. The group developed the three first UHPC structures in Spain (in Alicante in 2013, Puzol in 2014 and Guadassuar at 2016), and has been awarded with the II Edition of the Scientific and Technical Structural Concrete Association (ACHE) Engineering Awards. Moreover, RDC is currently involved in the development of the Spanish Guidelines for structural
evaluation of UHPC.
Despite being set up in January 2015, the key policy of RDC relies on its human capital, composed by professionals with expertise and skills in different fields related with Precast Construction and Project Management and Markets (education, research and development, execution, and international trade).
RDC already has granted a Utility Model in Spain for the development of a modular UHPC raft.
In order to be able to precast its own elements, RDC founded a precast company named PREFFOR to produce the UHPC elements designed by RDC. The competitive advantage is based on the fact that the whole value chain of the product is developed in the company: evaluation of the market, design of the element, calculation, prototyping, mixing, pouring, curing, placement of the structure and control.
The products launched on the market by this business model are registered with the trademark Formex®. The strength of the tandem relies on providing a service that covers the whole value chain, from the material dosage to the placing of the structure. The advantages of Formex® products are the extreme durability, the reduction up to 65% of weight and consumption of resources, the slenderer designs, and the smaller footprint than ordinary concrete or steel solutions.
After two years working together, the company is selling Formex® footbridges for spans up to 50 m, Formex® panels for precast modular housing, and Formex® floating rafts for mollusc cultivation.
Other R&D projects are ongoing to launch new products in a short futur.

RDC members are able to provide their experience and, together, reach the required synergies to drive the project to the best result. Relevant skills of RDC members are the following:

  • Optimization of UHC elements
  • Marketing plan and commercialization
  • UHC technical support on manufacturing
  • Market studies, economic and legal feasibility for new UHC product lines
  • Development of new UHC precast product lines


46005 - VALENCIA

Hugo Coll

Chief Business Development Officer


Leader of WP9

Dissemination and exploitation of results

UHCD raft for mollusc farming
pilot WP8

Leader of WP8: Dissemination and exploitation of results

Involvement in WP2: Project management

Involvement in WP3: Rethinking structures in aggressive environments XS/XA

Involvement in WP4: Concept and Development of UHDC

Participation in WP7: Business opportunities of the UHDCs developed

Involvement in WP8: Validation and proof of concepts in real-site durability conditions
RDC will be responsible for design, building and monitoring of a pilot UHDC raft for mollusc farming to be installed in
the coast of Valencia by linked third parties: PREFFOR