Newsletter 6

The sixt newsletter of the ReSHEALience project is available online. Discover the activities undertaken within the frame of the project.
The MOOC "Durability-based design of advanced cement-based materials in aggressive environments: a holistic approach" has been running since May 11th 2020. Registration is still open!
Floating of the pilot 3 in Valencia
Floating of the pilot 3 of the ReSHEALience project. The TRL7 demonstrator has been set up in Valencia (Spain). Designed by RDC and produced by PREFFOR. Monitoring system (sensors, camera): CSIC, IDM and RDC
RDC and PREFFOR pilot #3
On February 26th and 27th the project meeting was held at Universitat Politècnica of Valencia (Spain) where all partners presenting the work done and future plans. During the meeting attendees had the opportunity to visit the RVM pilot in the UPV laboratory. On the 27th a interesting visit to the RDC and PREFFOR pilot took

The fifth newsletter is out

Contents in this issue:   Relevant article: Assessing SustainabilityOur temper: Politecnico di Milano (coordinator)   Focus on our demonstrations Water basin for drilling yard News News from the project Upcoming events  
ReSHEALience Climate Action Horizon Results
The project submitted to the Horizon Results Platform the following results contributing to sustainable development

Fourth ReSHEALience Newsletter

Find out about the latest news of the project, research and dissemination activities being carried out by our partners. Read here
The article has been publicated in a special issue on Excellent experiences in Cement and Concrete Industry
What kind of built environment for future generations? Next 3rd of July, the AMANAC workshop organized by ReSHEALience project, EnDurCrete project, DACOMAT project and AMANAC CLUSTER will take place in Brussels.